What is the CO-WIN app, how it works, how the registration will be done, know all the details

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the world’s largest vaccination campaign. Today, from January 16, people across the country have started getting the corona vaccine. Along with this campaign, Prime Minister Modi also launched the Co-Win app. On the first day, three lakh health workers will be vaccinated against corona. A system for Corona vaccination has been created by the government and the name of the system is CoWIN. Thus the government has stated that the entire processing of the corona vaccine will be done through the CoWIN application.

There are many questions about CoWIN and many fake apps with the same name have come in the market, which the Ministry of Health has asked the people to be vigilant. Let us know in detail about the CoWIN app, what this app is, how it works and what identity cards will be required to get vaccinated through it.

What is the CO-WIN app and how does it work?

The CO-WIN app will have a complete list of people who have received the vaccine, from the vaccination center.
The CO-WIN app will have a complete list of people who have received the vaccine, from the vaccination center.

The CO-WIN application is a cloud-based management system for corona vaccination in India. This app will have a complete list of people who have received the vaccine from the Vaccination Center. If you also want to get the corona vaccine, you have to apply from the CO-WIN application. The Covin application will have a complete tracking of the corona vaccination process. It will keep a complete record of vaccines administered in India.

Also, complete information on who, when, where and what vaccines were given will be available. Simply put, the Covin app will have a complete database of corona vaccinations in India. For your information, you can now download the CO-WIN app from the Google Play Store.

According to the report, the CO-WIN app will be launched for Android, iOS and KaiOS all. Nokia’s 4G users and Geo phone users will also be able to download the Covin app to their phones. Let’s say that KaiOS is currently offered in 4G feature phones. Registration can be done through Aadhaar card, driving license and PAN card etc. in Covin app. The Android version is live.

The Co-WIN application has five modules

According to the Ministry of Health, the Co-WIN app has five modules, including an administrative module, a second registration module, a third vaccination module, a fourth beneficiary acceptance module and a fifth report module. The first of these modules is an administrative module, in which a session for vaccination will be scheduled and a notification will be sent to vaccinators and administrators.

In the registration module you will be able to manually register for the vaccine. For this module, an organization will be able to register in bulk those people who need the vaccine. The Benefit Acceptance module will provide a certificate of vaccination based on the QR code.

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The process of corona vaccination

1. Registration on Co-WIN app / website

2. You will get a message with location and date

3. Go to the vaccine center and show the message

4. Identity card will be verified

5. Verification on Co-WIN app via OTP

6. Vaccines will be given and data will be uploaded

7. Message will be received for the second dose of vaccine

8. Stay at the center for 30 minutes to check for side effects

Vaccination will take place in three stages

Corona vaccination in India will initially be done in three phases. It will be vaccinated in phases. The corona vaccine will be given to healthcare professionals in the first phase and to those involved in emergency services in the second phase. State governments have been tasked with collecting data on such people, while in the third phase the vaccine will be given to people who are suffering from a serious disease. All these people will be registered only on the Co-WIN application.

Updated: January 17, 2021 — 4:47 pm

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