Don’t like photo in Aadhaar Card, want to change it?

 Don’t like photo in Aadhaar Card, want to change it? So this is an easy way to change the photo in the base sitting at home

As we usually see, most people’s Aadhaar cards do not print photos well. Bad photos often make people hesitant to show their Aadhaar Card. If your photo does not look good in Aadhaar Card, you can change it at home. Other than that, having a worse photo often leads to identity problems. You need to update your Aadhaar Card from time to time to avoid any hassle.

Let me tell you, Aadhaar card contains every Indian citizen database such as name, address, mobile number, photo along with their biometric information etc. All this information should be kept up to date with the truth. We often see people changing their mobile numbers. But it is not updated in bank accounts, Aadhaar card as well as government records. This has led to many other troubles, including banking fraud. If you also want to update your photo at home in Aadhaar card, you can adopt these simple ways.

Aadhaar Card

Method 1:
Go to the nearest center and change the photo in Aadhaar Card

First of all you open the official website of UIDAI

Download the Aadhaar Nomination / Update Form in Get Aadhaar.

Now after filling the form well, go to the Aadhaar Nomination Center and submit it.

You will have to recapture the biometric data at the center.

This process involves photo, fingerprint, retina scan.

Doing so will update the base details

The new Aadhaar card with the updated picture will be available within about 90 days.

Another way: Do this with POST Change the photo in Aadhaar

Download the ‘Aadhaar Card Update Correction’ form on the UIDAI portal

Fill in all the information requested in the form

Write a letter to the field office of UIDAI to update the Aadhaar card.

Attach your self-certified photo (signed) to the letter.

Post both the form and the letter with the UIDAI office address.

The address of the UIDAI center near the house can be found on the online site.

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A new Aadhaar card with a new photograph will be available within two weeks.

Updated: January 23, 2021 — 8:52 am

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