Call this number if the crop has been damaged due to rain

A survey launched by VTVNEWS ahead of the state government’s survey, some areas of the state are still under water

VTV NEWS survey before crop damage survey, call if you have more damage there too 

Call 079-40089127 and 079-40089128 to talk about damages 

When your phone rings, say the village, district and your name

Farmers suffering more than 33 percent loss to be paid assistance: Govt

 Agricultural crops have been damaged due to heavy rainfall in the state.  So the survey has been started by the state government.  In which assistance will be paid to farmers who suffer more than 33 percent loss.  Whereas in case of loss more than 33% special assistance package will be considered.  The government has started a survey to pay this assistance.  In this regard, a survey has been started by VTVNEWS before the state government survey.  For which you have to talk about the damages on 079-40089127 and 079-40089128.  Also tell your channel VTVNEWS how the damage is in your village, area.

VTV NEWS survey ahead of government survey in Gujarat

Crop loss survey has been conducted by VTV NEWS before the state government survey.  In which many farmers have presented the loss in their fields.  For which 079-40089127 and 079-40089128 numbers have also been announced by VTV NEWS.  In which the farmer will have to say the village, district and his name when the call rings.

Some parts of the state are still under water

After heavy rains in the state, the survey work has stopped as the water has not receded in some areas.  So after the completion of the survey, the aid package will be announced.  This assistance will be announced through the coordination of Revenue, Agriculture and Finance Departments.  In which aid will not be paid only on loss of seed.

In Navsari, rains created havoc

Farmers’ crops have been damaged due to heavy rains in Navsari district.  Many villages across the district are still waterlogged due to heavy rains.  The worst damage has been done in Navsari Vansda and Khergam talukas.  Paddy, sugarcane, veghan, okra crops have been damaged due to inundation in an estimated 53 thousand hectares in Vansda taluka.  A damage survey has been carried out in Navsari.  For this, as many as 45 teams have been formed and survey work has been carried out in different taluks of Navsari.  Survey operations have been carried out with the help of drone cameras where the water has not receded in the fields.

In Dwarka too, a lot of water seeped into the fields

There has been heavy rain in Kalyanpur of Dwarka district.  Due to which, after heavy rains, there has been a lot of water in the Sani Dam.  On this side, the rising water level of the dam has entered the fields.  Along with this, the fields of Suryavadar, Ranpara, Dangarwad, Rawal have been damaged due to waterlogging.  Crops have failed due to flooding of fields.  So, as there has been extensive damage to the crops in the villages due to the flooding of the Sani Dam, the farmers have appealed for proper compensation after conducting a survey.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The fields of Girsomnath were flooded

It has been raining continuously for a week in Gir Somnath district.  Then the fields of Kodinar, Sutrapada and Gir Garhda have been damaged.  Rivers have flooded due to heavy rains in the district.  The water inundated the fields and the crops were damaged.  So there is an atmosphere of anxiety among the farmers.  In areas including Kodinar, Talala, Gir Garhda and Sutrapada, fields have been inundated due to torrential rain, fearing loss of groundnut-soybean crops.

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